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Man prepared to work as a maid

A Harare man said he is willing to work as a maid for his ex-wife as a way of raising money because he is failing to pay maintenance for their 8 months’ child.

Kumbirai Mbedzi said this at the Harare Civil Court today where he was applying for downward variation from $130 to $40.

‘I’m failing to raise $130 dollars that l promised to pay last time we came here because I’m no longer working,’

In response ex-wife Diana Gijimani denied the downward variation saying the husband owns a company, so he should be able to pay maintenance.

‘Last time I saw him driving a Wish, and I’m very sure that it’s his car’

Mbedzi said he was in partnership with his friend and the car that his ex-wife saw him with was his friend’s car.

‘It’s true that she saw me with a car but it was my friend’s car. We agreed that for us to advertise goods we should brand the car. When the business was not yielding anything my colleague dropped,’

Presiding Magistrate dismissed   Mbedzi’s application because there are no changes yet.

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