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Man Robbed at Gunpoint

A local man was reportedly robbed at gunpoint along the Highglen Road in Harare after having walked miles with no luck of finding transport.

Misheck Chiumburuke(38) who stays in Kuwadzana,Harare says he boarded a Black Toyota Wish that had no registration plates along Highglen Road and did not suspect a thing.

“They were three people including a woman and I did not suspect them even a little because they were talking about their supposed family issues,laughing and I felt comfortable”, Chiumburuke said.

He added that it is only when he reached his stop that the car accelerated its speed and immediately knew something was amiss.

The thieves pulled out a gun and asked him to be calm and surrender all his belongings.

“I emptied my pockets and they took my smartphone, charger,bankcards and the $60US dollars I had, when I got a chance I jumped out of the car to the roadside and the robbers sped off leaving me lying there”, he said.

Chiumburuke has since reported the case to the local police who are on the look out for any vehicles being used for armed robberies.

Meanwhile Highway Armed robbery cases in Zimbabwe have become common amidst the Covid-19 lockdown with many civilians falling victim to it due to the transport and movement crisis.

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