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Linda Masarira, Aktivistin aus Simbabwe (c) Andi Weiland | Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (CC by)

Masarira advocates for fair redistribution of land

Political, Development and Socioeconomic Rights Activist and LEAD President Linda Tsungirirai Masarira has challenged ZANU PF’s unfair distribution of land and opted for redistribution of land fairly to productive farmers and avoidance of multiple farm ownership.

“Land must be redistributed fairly. As LEAD, we say no to multiple farm ownership and owning land without making it productive. The liberation struggle was fought to ensure land for all Zimbabweans, majority rule and equality not multiple farm ownership and political elitism,” twitted Masarira on her Twitter today.

Masarira also repudiated foreign countries from interfering in Zimbabwe land issues as she say Zimbabweans are capable of solving their issues alone if they are given a platform.

“All foreign governments must stay out of it because Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans. We are not a colony of any nation because we fought a bitter war to be what we are today. We don’t interfere in land issues of other countries and likewise those nations must also respect us,” she said.

Masarira also urged Zimbabweans to make use of land to develop the nation.

“In order to develop our own nations for self-sufficiency, we expect development without investing the knowledge and capacity, which is a primitive logic. To develop Zimbabwe now, we need to work with what we have; we have land, favorable weather & mineral resources. Let’s utilize it,” Masarira said.

Masarira indicated that LEAD is awaiting a response from the Ministry of Agriculture on this plea to ensure that the youths, women and agronomists also be given land.

“We have already written a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture raising the same issues and advocating for redistribution of land with special focus on young people, women and agronomists. Zimbabwe will not prosper without production. Land allocation shouldn’t be partisan,” she said.

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