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Mawarire encourages people to assist towards Cyclone Idai crisis

#ThisFlag founder (Pastor) Evan Mawarire encourages people to contribute towards the Cyclone Idai Crisis on behalf of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the Econet Shop Avondale yesterday, Mawarire said Cyclone Idai will not win if we join hands to save lives and restore hopes of those who were affected by Cyclone Idai.

“Go and give towards the victims of Cyclone Idai wherever you are, whether you are in Masvingo, Bulawayo, and Gweru or in any location out of Harare. We really need to help each other. This not a time to fight or blame each other,Iet’s put lives first . Across the country Econet Wireless will receive anything you have to give towards this including money,” Mawarire said.

“Econet Wireless is doing an amazing job collecting blankets, food, clothes that you can give. They opened up all their shops,  so if you can drop all these things to any Econet shop that is near you. Im actually at Econet Shop Avondale right now and as you can see here there are somethings that have been dropped and me also I just dropped off some things here as well. Even if you can send a dollar, Econet will double it,” he said.

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