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Mberengwa ZANU PF Supporters Still Appealing for Election Re-Run

Zanu PF supporters in Mbarengwa continue to rally for an election re-run and still express their disappointments on the recently held primary elections.

The supporters appeal to July Moyo, Thomas Moyo, Sibusiso Moyo, Joram Gumbo , Rugare Gumbo and Luis Matutu as political gurus who come from Mberengwa to intervene on their behalf.

They say that the election re-run must be done in all the constituencies except Mberengwa west, where Joram Gumbo is popular and treated as a ‘godfather.’

After the recently held ZANU PF primary elections, Mberengwa east, south and north constituencies are in serious turmoil.

The winning candidates in these constituencies have left ZANU PF supporters wondering how they won since they claim they do not like them.

In Mberengwa east, many people say they have never seen the winning candidate Raidza, who is believed to be residing in Namibia and the people only heard of him after winning the primaries.

The same applies to Mberengwa south where Allum Mpofu was rarely seen at any Zanu PF gatherings except to pitch up at elections time.

Mpofu has a controversial history and Zanu PF cadres are saying he cannot be the face of the party.

In Mberengwa north, Tafanana Zhou is another figure who is ‘not popular,’ and voters expected Tinashe Goga Shumba to win.

In Mberengwa east, people expected the likes of Goodwill Shiri, Elisha Moyo or Bellamu Hove to win.

In Mberengwa South, it was reported that the most popular candidates had their names missing from the ballot paper and this led some voters to completely refuse to vote at a number of centers and anonymous calls are flooding echoing the same sentiments.

Callers claim to be war veterans, youths and other organs of the party who are saying the winning candidates are not in their favour and they want re-runs.

Some of the winning candidates had to be introduced to the people in the presence of the police to suppress them.

A ZANU PF supporter who spoke to Zimonline News said:

“Zanu PF supporters in Mberengwa are not in favour of demonstrations but want correct channels to be used to correct these anomalies.

“Demonstrations would be the last resort as they tarnish the party’s image.

“We appeal to the powers that be to grant us our wishes and we do not want to be forced to start looking at other political options.

“We hope our voices will be heard.”

The opposition parties are reportedly smelling the coffee and might take advantage of the current situation.

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