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MDC-A in solidarity with Chief Ndiweni

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Spokesperson Daniel Molokele has guaranteed that the party will fight for the immediate release of Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna who has been sentenced 18 months in jail for damaging his subjects property.

In a press release ,Molokele said the Mnangagwa regime had to put an end in abusing and harassing Chief Ndiweni because of different political opinions. Molokele said Chief Ndiweni is an activist for Zimbabweans.

“The MDC unreservedly condemns the ongoing political victimization and persecution of the outspoken Chief Ndiweni by the increasingly repressive rogue,”said Molokele.

The MDC stands firmly by the side of Chief Ndiweni and the people of Ntabazinduna against the unjust attack and intimidation by the rogue regime,”

Chief Ndiweni is the Voice of the Voiceless! He is a popular peoples chief, who is clearly now being victimized by the increasingly intolerant regime to speaking the truth to power and also speaking out on behalf of the people,”

MDC Spokesperson called upon all Bulawayo residents to join them in fighting for the release of Chief Ndiweni and to fight against corruption, unemployment, unusual power cuts and shortage of fuel.

The time has now come for the people of Zimbabwe to stand up and fight for their freedom once again…on Monday the people of Bulawayo will now be marching for both their own freedom and in solidarity with Chief Ndiweni,”

Molokele said the Mnangagwa regime was now misusing the power for their own benefit by eliminating democracy.

Chief Ndiweni has been known for being against the Mnangagwa regime.



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