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MDC-A protest to go ahead

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Spokesperson Fortune Daniel Molokele has dismissed rumors that the MDC-A is no longer going ahead with 16 August they will not be intimidated by the Mnangagwa regime. Molokele said Zimbabweans have had enough and they were going to get into the streets and demonstrate.

Addressing the media at a press Conference Hon. Molokele said Zimbabweans are coming up together for peaceful demonstration against the Mnangagwa regime which is leaving Zimbabweans impoverished. Molokele said Zimbabweans have been granted the right to protest under Section 59 of the Zimbabwean Constitution and it’s time to put it in practice.

“The good news that we have for the people of Zimbabwe is that we are definitely going ahead on Friday in Harare.”

Spokesperson urged for peaceful demonstrations without inciting violence. Anyone seen inciting violence will be arrested for committing such a crime.

Molokele said they are giving Zimbabweans a hint. He also added that the demonstration was not only meant for MDC-A members only but for the people of Zimbabwe therefore no one has to put on the MDC-A regalia everyone has to wear what they want.

There will be no party regalia, No one is going to wear the MDC regalia because this is not an MDC march but it is a people’s march, MDC is just a facilitator.”

MDC-A is going to take the streets and demonstrate against corruption, unemployment and shortage of  fuel.



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