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MDC claims to be ready for a genuine dialogue to set Zimbabwe free

MDC Vice President Lynette Kore has announced to the citizens that they are ready for a genuine dialogue to resolve the economic and social crisis at a memorial service for the victims of the 1st of August 2018 shootings.

Addressing the audience of all political parties and church members at Zimbabwe Hall in Highfields today, Kore said they were ready for talks as they want Zimbabwe to prosper as a country.

In reference to the former president Robert Mugabe in 2009, Kore said the unity government was formed with the help of the United Nations intermediator. She said there should be an intermediator in the course of the political dialogue and similar protocol should be followed.

Kore also called upon all cleric to pray for Zimbabwe and expose all the wrongdoings being done by the current regime. She said the MDC party condemns violence as it advocated for a peaceful country.

The late political heavy weight Dr Morgan Tsvangirai also urged for a peaceful party as he condemned them from using their slogan ‘hezvo bwa’.

“If pastor’s can unite and pray, all the prevailing situation can change,” said Kore.

MDC party also claimed that they are not a violent party but their weapon is prayer and fasting which they believe to yield results.

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