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MDC guillotine falls on Khupe and others as MDC cleans house

The Nelson Chamisa led MDc party that has since the fall of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai been rocked by divisions, power fights and unprecedented violence today read the riot act and rolled heads as it took up house-keeping. The exercise, conducted by the National Council, perceived as the highest decision making body in the labour backed political outfit claimed several scalps without sparing the warring Dr. Thokozane Khupe who had vowed never to recognise Chamisa as the anointed leader of the Party.

In a statement released by the party’s Deputy National Chairperson Hon. Morgen Komichi, wherein it began by celebrating the direction the party is taking and the momentum so far gained. The statement went on to call out for legible party member to submit their CVs from district and provincial levels to kick off the nominations for the MDC.

Dr Thokozane Khupe was found in breach of party discipline, insubordinate and of character deemed to bring the image of the party into disrepute with a litany of rebellion dating back to the days the late Tsvangirai was still in office. Over the mandate required third of the Council voted to kick the former Deputy Premier and Makokoba legislator from the MDC party resultantly recalling her from her seat.

National Chairperson Lovemore Ndodana Moyo, Organising Secretary Hon. Abednigo Bhebhe and the suspended National Spokesperson Mr. Obert Chaurura Gutu all fell on the same chopping block for their alleged questionable activities, statements and deeds as Khupe. Those who had national duties will be recalled and all stakeholders duly advised.

The party had kept the journalists from various media houses anxious all afternoon as deliberations believed to be quite tense and heated went on behind closed doors. Could this be the dawn of the Chamisa era?

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