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MDC-T primary elections a joke: Mudzuri

Elias Mudzuri has described the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) primary elections as a joke.

The remaining vice president for the MDC-T after khupe was sucked out of the party has bitter comments about the recently held MDC-T primaries.

These primary elections were held over the two previous weekends.

Elias Mudzuru said that, “As a vice president I cannot be seen being challenged by junior people unless the idea is to reduce me into a political midget”

Explaining why Mudzuri’s name went missing on the ballot, MDC-T chair Komichi says Mudzuri was elevated to Senate.

Mudzuri himself says “I hope someone is not playing political games”. He says some candidates were ineligible.

In Southerton, MDC-T MP Gift Chimanikire says the primaries were chaotic:“People who had voted would mingle with those that had not voted &  swap party cards & ended up voting more than once. There was no register; the presiding officer refused to use it saying it was shambolic”

MDC-T chairman Komichi says he’s processing all complaints about primary elections: “I have more than 50 appeals across the country and very soon we shall set up an appeals committee and if there is any injustice a re-run will be ordered.”

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