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I had the opportunity to be involved in a discussion with Obert Gutu and Jacob Mafume with regards their on-going battles and recalling of the Renewal MP’s. As you will hear in the audio, the MDC-T is perfectly within their legal right to recall the 21 MP’s that went in on their party ticket but have since left that party to form MDC-Renewal. The MDC-T is pulling this stunt at a time when they have vowed to boycott all elections. What is difficult to understand is why would the MDC-T donate 21 seats to Zanu PF? Why are they so fixated on this battle of egos? Are they forgetting that they are letting down millions of people that voted for them? Can we safely assume that these people are no longer that critical to their cause and that it is now more important to flex muscle and boast about numbers and who has more support between the two formations. As usual the victims are the poor people who had bought into the party as an alternative to the brutally oppressive Mugabe Regime. As you are embroiled in your fighting MDC people are waiting for solutions to the ailing economy, people are losing jobs every day, roads are potholed and dangerous and we are faced with looming hunger. If it were up to me, I would let the Renewal MP’S continue in Parliament so that we collectively come up with solutions to pressing National issues.

Enjoy the discussion and let’s hear your feedback. Do you really believe that people who spend so much time bickering like little children can take this country in the direction it needs to go in? Judge for yourself.

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