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MDC youth: ED must go

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Youth has threatened to ouster President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Government for his illegitimacy and being incompetent.

Addressing the press MDC-A youth Commander in Chief Obey Sithole said the youth would rise and remove Mnangagwa and his government from ruling the country because they were leading the country into shambles.

“Confrontation is permissible with the decision to confront this Government,”

Sithole said ordinary Zimbabweans are suffering at the hands of leadership of ED and his government.ED has not changed after all his using the old tactics which are being were used by the Mugabe regime .People could not afford to buy basic commodities and fend their families.

Sithole said MDC-A was castigating ED from being violent manner and using soldiers in killing the ordinary citizens because he will not kill the whole country.

“We are not intimidated at all. We are not going to respect violence,”

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