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Medical condition limits father’s child mantainance obligation

A Harare woman has hauled her estranged husband to court for the mantainance of their 13 year old child.

Tonely Mope who claimed $ 1000 from Fadwell Land said she was recently retrenched from her workplace ,so she could not take care of the necessities of their child at the moment .Mope also claimed she had an infection in her eyes and she goes every Tuesday at Parirenyatwa Hospital to acquire treatment.

“I am claiming $1 000 for the maintenance of our child who is in form one. I was retrenched last month from my workplace and I cannot meet all our child’s needs .I have developed an e infection in my eyes and I get injections for $240 every Tuesday,”said Mope.

“I wish we may meet halfway at the moment, ”said Mope.

Fadwell Land disputed claims saying he is into part time jobs and earns about $150 per month and is offering $50 per month. He said the amount being claimed by Mope was too much for him and he claimed he had a medical condition which limited him from doing panel beating he used to do.

“I cannot afford the amount she’s claiming because I am no longer into panel beating. I have a clot in my leg and doctors have stopped me from doing that job because it will affect my health,”said Land.

Presiding Magistrate Sheila Nazombe ordered Fadwell to bring his Eco-cash and his bank statements.



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