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MISA reads riot act on Herald

Media Institute for Southern Africa(MISA) has blasted Herald for misleading audience by reporting that law enforcers were to dismiss comedian Samantha Kureya well known as Gonyeti case claiming that Gonyeti’s family had not done a follow up on the case. Herald claimed Gonyeti was not abducted but was making a political skit.

MISA Zimbabwe said Herald needed to do proper investigations on the story about the abduction and torture of Gonyeti.

MISA also criticized Herald for making Kureya vulnerable to attacks when they posted her address on the publication. MISA said the publication was breaking up ethical laws from journalism such as the right to privacy.

Gonyeti was abducted by six men who attacked her and tortured her for making skits about the current situation in Zimbabwe. The alleged state agents warned Gonyeti to stop making skits which were anti government.

Kureya was forced to drink sewage water and dumped in Crowbourgh neighborhood were she acquired help.

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