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Missing Dr Magombeyi: Zimbabweans relate to Itai Dzamara

Following abduction of Dr Peter Magombeyi, Zimbabweans are recalling to the incident that happened to a political analyst Itai Dzamara who was alleged abducted and tortured by state security officials.

 Dzamara disappeared on 09 March 2019 after he demanded the late former President Robert Mugabe to resign.

A significant number of people on social media are in panic mode over Magombeyi life, after he was abducted by 3 unidentified men. It has been days without knowing Dr Magombeyi’s whereabouts.

“We must never allow them to do what they did to Itai Dzamara to anyone…ever! Their recent act of Satanism in abducting Dr Peter Magombeyi must attract a very huge cost. I encourage other professionals such as teachers to join the protests calling for the release of Peter,” Paston Dzamara.

“What happened to Itai Dzamara should never be allowed to happen to any Z\Zimbabwean again.#BringBackPeter,” Fadzayi Mahere.

Dzamara was one of the outspoken critics of the late former President Robert Mugabe. It was reported that he was abducted after he demonstrated in front of parliament holding a placard reading “Mugabe must go.

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