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Mixed feelings as Njema reaches public

Zimdancehall artist Wallace Winky D Chirumiko’s has created an album entitled Njema which will be launched at HICC today. However, a lot of criticism has come from the police, government and censorship board regarding this album as they say some of his lyrical content is bad for public consumption.

This took place immediately after Winky D dropped his single “Ijipita” to the public last week.The censorship board claim to have received a complaint from the public that some of the lyrics of Winky D’s song are of bad taste for public consumption. Therefore, it has been reported that the police arrested Winky D and his manager over that.

Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi of the Zimbabwe Republic Police dismissed claims on social media that the police had arrested Winky D and his manager as he said, “A consultative meeting was held with Winky D’s manager Banda after Censorship Board raised a complaint about his failure to follow necessary procedures according to Section 16 of the Censorship Board and Entertainment Control Act;”

“The procedure gives the musician a legal document that will not disturb the launching of his album, hence, it was resolved that the manager would follow the procedure ahead of the launch;” added Ass Comm Nyathi.

However, some sources say that Zanu PF is actually the force behind the whole Winky D dilemma because his song Ijipita sounds like a critic to the government and so does his other songs Jecha and Dzemudanga from the previous album.It is also said that one of the top Zanu PF officials requested Winky D to perfom at his homestead on new year’s eve but the latter chose to launch his album that day and it resulted in tension.

Many were wondering about several attempts by the ZANU PF government to block Winky D’s album launch, here is the secret; A ZANU PF big fish, Mr Machakaire wanted Winky to perform at his homestead but when he declined, Winky was threatened, ‘tichaona mukuru kuty ndiyani?’” twitted Tawanda Muchehiwa, a fan of Winky D on twitter this morning.

Tendai Biti also tweeted on his twitter in response to Zanu PF’s attempts to ban Winky D music saying,

“Music &indeed art is the essence of humanity .Music transcends time, space, pain and love. That this terrible regime, which claims paternity from a liberation struggle oiled by the voices of Chinx, Mukanya & Mtukudzi et al now seeks to ban Winky D’s work is total madness”

Fans of the artiste are furious on social media as they say  the government has no right to ban Winky D music afterall, they have failed the nation. One Solomon Harudzibwi tweeted that, “Please leave Winky D alone & deliver on your promises!”

However, fans of Winky D look forward to a very exciting time tonight at HICC.

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