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Mliswa blast Mutsvangwa over his RBZ sentiments

Temba Mliswa the member for parliament for Norton constituency has blasted Christopher Mutsvangwa over his comments about the corruption taking place at the Bank. This comes after Mutsvangwa had given all the blame on Tagwirei for been corrupt and receiving the money for fuel.

Temba Mliswa had this to comment on his twitter account today.

“I think it’s really time Mutsvangwa got a life! He’s been a failure in every post he’s had; DG of ZBC, Ambo in China, Chair for MMCZ, MP, War Vets, Advisor to H. E. etc. I guess he was either inebriated/hungover when he made his sensational claims? Now he’s just seeking relevance”

“Mutsvangwa should be careful that in his bid to seek relevance he doesn’t seal his final downfall. Why doesn’t he tell us why his son Neville was named in the list as one of the largest forex dealers?”

“Just as a reminder, 2018 Norton election results: Temba Mliswa (Independent) – 16,847 Samuel Matemera (MDCA) – 7,850 Chris Mutsvangwa (ZANU PF) – 4,255 He didn’t even come 2nd to worry about where my funding came from! He even had the Chinese funding him to no avail”

“Anyway let’s forgive Mutsvangwa as like I said he must be drunk, hungover or suffering from Post-Election Loss Stress Disorder. Let’s give him time & hope he’ll be rehabilitated in the meantime he can rant away & can’t be taken seriously”

This follows after Christopher Mutsvangwa, special advisor to President has accused Sakunda Holdings owner Kudakwashe Tagwirei of receiving the bulk of the foreign currency allocations from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe yet he does not earn any forex himself.

Mutsvangwa also alleged that Tagwirei of running a virtual monopoly in the fuel industry said that Tagwirei should source his own foreign currency and not rely on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

“Tagwirei’s business gets about US$80 to US$90 million every month for fuel from the RBZ, yet many companies, some of them largest fuel dealers in the world, want to come and invest in the fuel industry in the country. You can ask [Energy] minister Joram Gumbo. There are many who want to come. We can’t have a whole country for one man.”

“All the hard-earned foreign currency is given to the RBZ and John Mangudya gives it to Tagwirei. Why can’t he go in the market to source his own foreign currency? Taking money from panners and giving them digital dollars, phantom money while giving Tagwirei, whose business is simply to sit before a computer and invoice the RBZ, some hard dollars is just being cruel on Zimbabweans.”

“Now that the public knows the truth, it is good. Tagwirei should simply tell the people what he has been doing with the money he was allocated by the RBZ and what makes him merit more allocation than others.”

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