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Mliswa expelled from Parliament

Temba Mliswa the member of parliament of Norton constituency was yesterday expelled from parliament for six weeks.

The Honourable Member of Parliament made this know to the public on his twitter account.

“1/ So today I was expelled from Parly for 6 weeks, again for standing up for myself albeit in a much calmer manner. Oh well, as I’ve said before, it’s the most useless Parly ever so I won’t miss a thing! I’m better off devoting my time to the constituency & its people”

“2/ Whilst I apologised for the previous incident, I found it strange that the offending party was left blameless…. in a scenario where Govt Ministers aren’t brought to account, oversight is ignored, I ask again, is there any point in being an MP in Zim?”

“3/ Oh well, I guess I have 6 weeks to ruminate over it…… One thing’s for sure though, I’ll never stop helping people & fighting for the rights of those who are downtrodden”

This is not his first time last year he was also dragged out of the parliament after his dispute with Dexter Nduna.

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