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Mliswa links Mashurugwi indecency to Nduna

Member of Parliament for Norton constituency Temba Peter Mliswa has raised his concern over the illegal gold miners well known as ‘Mashurugwi’ who are terrorizing civilians and cops with machetes countrywide. Mliswa intervened after a terrifying event that took place in David Whitehead whereby a cop was murdered by these miners.

Honorable Mliswa urged the police to arrest the illegal gold miners and the politicians such as Dexter Nduna who are involved in these miscellaneous acts.

The scramble for gold at David Whitehead; who sent trucks there? They are known. Arrest those illegal miners and they will tell. We need to intensify this. We can’t be a country of such diabolic acts. It’s shameful for those politicians involved, “tweeted Mliswa on his twitter today.

Mliswa indicated that leaders of these illegal miners ought to be found and dealt with. “There is need to target the gang leaders for this people and they will reveal everything. The system should be swift and consistent in bringing to justice these criminals,” twitted Mliswa.

Also to blame is the Zimbabwe Republic Police, according to Mliswa, because they entertained the beginning of these illegal miners. “The police accommodated the makorokoza now they are killing them. The security command in Mash West is very weak& some politicians like Nduna who are involved are protected. The Minister of State Security should take charge& not allow this situation to degenerate into more anarchy,” twitted Mliswa.

Mliswa also urged the Minister of Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi to bring justice to the public by ensuring the prosecution of all officials that are ganging up with these illegal miners. “Ziyambi should be honest with Nduna who has not been arrested but is known to be involved. We cannot have a full-fledged party that is full of criminals operating wantonly. JOC must come in and take over and deal with this situation once and for all,” Mliswa said.

Most of the gold is also being smuggled out of the country and isn’t benefiting the country. This is a national crisis and should be treated as a national disaster, “twitted Mliswa.

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