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Mnangagwa claims he made remarkable progress since 2017

In contrary to the acute deterioration of services and amenities in Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has claimed that he made notable achievements in the country since November 2017 to date.

Addressing delegates at the 74th United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York Mnangagwa applauded himself that he managed to stabilize macro-and fiscal economy.This is despite the spiraling exchange rate of the Bond Notes against all major currencies.

“Since I took over the leadership of Zimbabwe, much has been accomplished with indicative recovery, stabilization and growth. The main’s progress towards macro-economic and fiscal stabilisation as well as high impact projects that paved way for a private sector land growth have been achieved,” said Mnangagwa.

“Furthermore the fiscal, austerity and discipline measures have resulted in balanced books and a budget surplus which is unprecedented in my country,” he said.

Mnangagwa also claimed that he established an open platform for all political parties to discuss the social, economic and political issues in the country.

In his speech the President also addresses the issue of sanctions, calling for an end of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. He further said that the sanctions are slowing the country’s progress.

“Those that impose illegal sanctions must heed this call, and lift them now. Corporation is a win, win game .Sanctions are a loss, lose game. Zimbabwe deserves a restart,” said the president.

Mnangagwa left for UN General Assembly in New York on the 20th of September 2019.



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