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Mnangagwa commissions Norton road over rail: Zimbabweans react

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa brings the Norton road over rail into working condition this afternoon and this event serves as the second edition of the elevation of Harare-Bulawayo road.

 Meanwhile, Zimbabweans are angered by this act as they say other pressing problems in the country are not solved yet the President took time to commission an unfinished road.

 “Since when, like seriously to commission unfinished road sure”, commented Tafadzwa Mashanda, a Zimbabwean citizen as ZBC broadcasted the event live on facebook.

Another Citizen, Trust Nhubu said, “These official openings are a clear cover ups for total failure. Zvakafanana nababa vanoda kuonekwa kuti vatengera vana huku. It’s the normal not worth any official opening in a fully functional economy where even engineers would not celebrate as a success. This level of desperation for achievements and success is appealing.

Zimbabweans say the expenses of this event would have been taken to cover other issues that require attention in the country. “The money wasted on this whole useless gathering could have gone to water treatment chemicals or fixing more roads but again it’s about trying to accumulate useless accolades, it’s actually even embarrassing to celebrate this as some sort of achievement”, said another Zimbabwean known as Mai Tajo Dee.

Others say the President ought to do other duties that will stabilize the country’s economy not commissioning of roads. “We have deputy ministers and even permanent secretaries who can just do that a president should be somewhere else doing fruitful things, commissioning a bridge when we have long fuel queues here”, said Obviious Tony Tavabaira, a fellow Zimbabwean.

On the other hand, some Zimbabweans are siding with President Mnangagwa as they blame sanctions for problems faced in the country and also celebrate the country’s development.

“This is the development we want. We could be very far if it our country was free from sanctions. May God bless Zimbabwe and give more wisdom to the leaders”, Partnos Majoni said.

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