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Mnangagwa in panic mode

President Emmerson Mnangagwa issued a panic statement today, calling to all opposition leaders that riots and destructive violence must be rejected, saying peaceful constructive dialogue are the way forward.

Mnangagwa said that all opposition leaders must reject riots in a bid to overthrow the government but the government is ready to have a peaceful constructive dialogue.

The fake accounts on social media which have emerged today denouncing that there are no-longer protests on the 16th of August resemble the panic in which the Zanu-PF members are undergoing.

President Mnangagwa evidently panicked due to the impending MDC Protest which are  going to take place tomorrow when he posted on his twitter handle about having a constructive dialogue with the opposition party. Terrified by the prospects of the demonstration, Mnangagwa said that his doors for national dialogue are still open, and claims to have taken several steps to ensure inclusivity and engagement.

Government continues to urge people to ignore any demonstration calls, whilst the MDC demonstration against the economic downfall in the country gathers momentum.



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