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Mnangagwa is committed to a peaceful but manipulated election: Timba

Chief Election Agent Jameson Timba for Nelson Chamisa,has commented after the demonstration that was held yesterday by the Movement for Democratic Change that Mnangagwa wants to have a manipulated election.

Timba brought to lights most of the issues that had made the biggest opposition party to go out in the streets and demonstrate against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission headed by justice Priscilla Chigumba  who was not present at the time the party went with their petition.

In his comment he said this:

The integrity and credibility of our election is now being undermined and compromised on a daily basis and ZEC is a willing tool at the centre of it.”

“It is now almost impossible to have a free, fair, credible and verifiable election unless SADC and AU make urgent interventions.”

“President Mnangagwa is committed to a peaceful but manipulated election.”

“Chamisa wants the people of Zimbabwe to choose their leader peacefully, freely and fairly.”

“Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice. Justice can only be present if the election is credible, free, fair and verifiable.”

“When I met with the ZEC Chairperson on July 2, she said ballot printing had started 3 days before the scheduled date of observation by parties because the Commission was running out of time since it takes 30 days to print the ballots. The 30 days have suddenly become 11 days. This is incredible and embarrassing.”

“To add salt to injury we have now learnt that Zanu-PF has been given access to people’s cellphone numbers, which could only be found on the voters’ roll ZEC is holding since these numbers are linked to constituencies.”

“Our demands remain the same.  ZEC should stop hiding behind one broken finger. ZEC cannot pretend to hide behind the law. Our demands are not prohibited under the law. So, that which is not specifically prohibited should be allowed.”

“Above all, our demands talk to a higher law – the supreme law of the land. We are simply demanding fairness and transparency in the printing of ballot papers, their storage and their distribution in an inclusive and participatory way. That’s not against the law.”

The MDC Alliance Petition on Urgent Electoral demands were as follows:

That Section 239(a)  of the Constitution of Zimbabwe obliges the ZEC to conduct  elections , efficiently, Freely, fairly, transparently and in accordance with the law.

That ZEC satisfies the Zimbabwe’s electoral law regional and international standards which also demand that elections are held efficiently freely fairly and transparently.

That ZEC has been subjective partial dishonest and incompetent in the manner it has run the 2018 election process to date.

That contrary to the provision of the law the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has:

Refused consensus and full disclosure, the Source, Security, Traceability and openness of the BALLOT PAPER.

Has refused to provide a voter’s roll as defined in terms of the law with pictures in searchable and analysable form.

Has granted full and open access to its database to ZANU PF contrary to the law.

Continued denial to equal access to the media as required by law section 61(4) (C) as well as the electoral law.

We therefore make the following demands which if not availed will threaten the holding of the election scheduled on the 30th of July 2018:

The urgent release of A COMPLETE Biometric Voters Roll, in searchable and analysable form with requisite biometric features.

The independent auditing of the said Biometric voters roll by agreed independent and impartial external auditors.

The immediate cessation of the printing of the ballot paper pending agreement of observation by stakeholders.

Agreement on and full disclosure of the printing, the quality the status, the traceability, transmission and distribution of ballot paper and election material.

Transparency around the remaining stages of the electoral process including effective observation by stakeholders of the printing, storage and distribution of all electoral materials.

The unquestionable impartiality and professionalism on the part of ZEC in compliance with the Electoral Law, the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the SADC Guidelines and Principles for Democratic Elections.

An independent forensic audit of the contacts-gate scandal where ZANU PF accessed voter information that was supposed to be in the sole custody of ZEC.

Equal access to public media by political players.

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