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A moment with Gospel Diva Amanda Sagonda Machimbira

Amanda Sagonda Machimbira’s recent “Danai Kwandiri” album came out in 2015 at a moment of personal and professional transition for the artiste.While writing the album the artiste went through the tragic period of her mother who passed on. She put aside her music career to attend to her personal challenges. On her return she dropped an album full of inspirational songs. In her first track Danai Kwandiri she examines the power, hope and love of God. She passionately sings of God as a pillar to lean on and comforter in any situation. She has decided to pursue her music career wherever it takes her- possibly a real new Amanda has hit the industry with an unstoppable spirit. I had the honor of speaking with Amanda following up on her life and career:

Wadza: Welcome on Zimonline media platform Amanda, how are you?Let’s start by knowing who Amanda Sagonda is?

Amanda. I am amazingly doing great. I am a lady from Chitungwiza with two kids, a boy and a girl who started her music career at a very young age.

Wadza:  Amanda we are so eager to know where it all began, where did that great melodious voice come from?

Amanda : I wasn’t born a great singer I learnt how to sing at a scripture union club  in school and because people laughed at how bad my voice was i kept on singing every week no matter how bad it all sounded until one day the school choir master said can you please come sing for us. That’s when I knew I can really sing. I am so grateful Pastor Manyeruke made it possible for me to be where I am today. He saw a talent in me and he gave me a chance to prove it. Then my first album Ngatinamatei was released in (1998) in 2001 I recorded another one Huyai Kwandiri with the famous song Jesu I Number One and Mwari Anesu then   Danai Kwandiri in 2015.

Wadza: I am interested in your most recent album“Danai Kwandiri.” Why Danai Kwandiri would you care to shed some light what made you write those songs like Ariko Munyaradzi and Danai Kwandiri?

Amanda:  Danai Kwandiri   is from a scripture (Jeremiah 33:3), “call unto me and I will answer you I will show you great ad mighty things that you do not know. The song Danai Kwandiri conveys a message that God is ever ready to accept us if we call unto him. Our mandate is to call each and every lost soul to call to come to God and the scripture is extended in Isaiah, “my hand is not shortened to save you”.  My spirit was uplifted by the message and decided to write a song and tell people how excellent Gods love is.

Wadza: listening to your music now how do you reflect to the lyrics of the songs?

Amanda: Each and every song that I write ministers first  to me before I record it, I don’t just write music for my fans and  for people who listen to it, it has got a great impact on me. I am so inspired by my own music, I love music it brings so much life, energy and love to me.

Wadza: Are you just a gospel artiste or you are convicted to the music that you sing to the lyrics of your contest or your religious beliefs.

Amanda: All I can say is, I am not a gospel artiste but I am called to minister the word of God through music, I am a born again Christian who believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Wadza: The music industry is tough especially for gospel artistes who deem their music must be for free.  How that has affected you and what do you think is a best way forward.

Amanda:  Perseverance is the key to success though we may face challenges and difficulties in this time of hard times in our country it doesn’t affect you if you are a person with focus and a vision you will wait upon it and everything will be okay. You will be surprised on day waking up and seeing  everything  in place, there is always a chance for everything  that is what keeps me going  vanhu vakati havana mari yekutenga music kune piracy music inini chirimandindiri chakandidana   chinondituma kuti nyangwe zvakadaro keep going on.

Wadza: I noticed that after the passing of your mother you took a low profile and re-emerged to release a new album how did that ordeal affect and impact your personal life and your career.

Amanda: My mom was my everything; she was my greatest source of inspiration. I was brought up by a single parent so her passing away was a great loss in such a way that everything I used to love didn’t have any meaning and munoziva muti ukatemwa mudzi hapana chinorarama but later on I realized that I am still here that is why I sang my song,Ariko Munyaradzi I had to move on and do what God has called me for and for the sake of my family.

Wadza: Music itself is a career what other line of profession to sustain yourself, do you have another career?

Amanda:I am a person of many talents God blessed me so much,am very versatile  I am a businesswomen I love marketing and an actress again. I featured in Gringo the Troublemaker and other movies. Oh am a life coach too!

Wadza: when can we expect something new from Amanda Sagonda your music is so uplifting some of us cannot wait?

Amanda:  This year I have  done  a single which I am expecting very soon  I don’t have the actual dates though and then  another one  by year end.

Wadza: Of all the singers that you look up to who is the one that inspire you most and would love to have collaboration with if given a chance.

 Amanda: Rebecca Malope and Amai Shingisai Suluma I  love those women and i would want to have a collaboration with them. There this lady from my church Mai Guveya she is awesome I would love to sing with her too.

Wadza: It has been a pleasure to speak to you. Am sure we will be catching up soon?

Amanda: it was awesome thank you Wadza for inviting me.May God bless you abundantly.



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