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Mother in-law exposes son in-law

A Harare woman tells the court that her son in-law was reportedly raped a 14 years old girl.

This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court today where Ruramai Mutemaringa was applying for maintenance of Brian Taruvinga’s two minor children.

Mutemaringa appeared to court on behalf of her daughter Tsitsi whom she said is in South Africa looking for a job.

“I heard that he raped a 14 year old girl and he has a child with that girl,” Mutemaringa responded to magistrate who asked her if Taruvinga has another family.

She added                                                                                                

“He has two children with Tsitsi that am staying with, the one is four and half years and the other one is five and half years, so I want him to pay $600 for the upkeep of his children,”

In response Taruvinga said he cannot offer anything because he is no longer working. He also said that he wants to take care of his own children.

“I cannot offer anything maybe $60 because am not working, the other thing is l want to take my children and send them to my mother in rural area

In her ruling, presiding magistrate ordered Taruvinga to pay $150 per month starting October 2019.  

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