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Mudzuri bashed for attending State House meeting

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Deputy President Elias Mudzuri got into a clash with fellow party members earlier on today after he attended a meeting at the State House where parliament presiding offices were presented to the president.

MDC member’s Charlton Hwende and Murisi Zwizwai questioned Mudzuri over his attendance as a rebellious nature however he dismissed it saying it is for the good and economy of the country

“ I went to state house not to appease the president Mnangagwa ,but to respect the office of the parliament , if what I did was wrong ‘illegal’ to my fellow parliamentarians ,then I want to understand what we are still doing in parliament as a party and wasting taxpayers money”, said Mudzuri.

Mudzuri who is the leader of the opposition in senate described how the nation is facing acute economic challenges under the failed leadership of ZANU PF and how that must be the party’s main focus not to abuse him this way.

Meanwhile Mr Mudzuri admitted that if he was wrong and his colleagues are right then he will be proud to be fired from the party

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