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Mugabe better dictator: Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa the leader of the main opposition party held a press conference today at their national headquarters. The press conference was used as to mystify the allegations that the party was responsible for the previous shutdown and violence around the county.

Speaking during the press Chamisa managed to highlight that the era of Mugabe was better than the one the country is facing.

The current situation makes Mugabe look like a baby in terms of terrorism. There has been no attempt by the government to indicate the number of deaths during this protest. We don’t organised protest by Bluetooth.”

“We are going to have our protest. Mnangagwa is the one who caused thus protest by hiking the fuel prices by 150%. Being in the mdc is been criminalized. Civilian politics is been criminalised.”

 We do our politics openly because we are civilian political party. We are now taking this matter to another level. They have started destroying properties in Mbare  and Chitungwiza, people who have been doing there business innocently in order to survive.”

“I don’t know how many bodies are needed to be seen on the streets before SADC does something. It had nothing to do with MDC. We don’t organise a stay away. What we want is to Stay at State House, we don’t stay away.”

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