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Hon M.I.C Chombo appointed to Minister of Finance and Economic Development

Mugabe’s cabinet reshuffle:Complete disaster

President Mugabe’s undisputed authority in re-assigning government ministers yesterday has clearly shown that  he has rejected democratic values  like reason, progress, tolerance, democratic argument and the drive for social development which are the cornerstone of Zimbabwe.

The reshuffle cannot be questioned or declined but given the breadth of “incompetency and corruption” among his  ministers, one wonders if this is a diplomatic move to curb the problems bedeviling Zimbabwe or it is just  deliberate political annoyance within ZANU-PF party members.

Our president is aware of  the series of crises in Zimbabwe including the cash shortage, inflation, unemployment, food shortages, high  costs of goods and if this is how they are going to be addressed then we are not going anywhere as a country.

The performance by these same ministers in their former positions was dismal and their ability in the new tasks gives the nation shivers.

Zimbabweans have been singing the same song, boost infrastructure, create jobs, and give us licenses to operate in the informal sector,cut major expenditures on health and education. Appointing Hon. M.I.C Chombo as Minister of Finance is confidently giving him leeway to buy the nation when he has been labelled the father of land barons.



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