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Mugodhi Apostolic Church petitions High Court over ‘incapacitated’ Bishop

A local church, Mugodhi Apostolic Church has petitioned the High court seeking an order to interdict Tadewu Mugodhi from performing duties in his capacity as the bishop of the church accusing him of making uninformed decisions due to a terminal illness.

In an urgent chamber application filed by Mugodhi Apostolic Church, through its Vice Bishop, Tonny Sigauke, Tadewu Mugodhi is also accused of visiting a hospital for treatment sometime in February this year and not confessing before the church leaders so that he can be ‘forgiven and accepted back into the church.’

“This is an urgent application for an interim interdict in terms of the rules of this honourable court prohibiting the first respondent (Bishop Tadewu Mugodhi) to perform his functions as applicant’s (Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church) Bishop because he is now incapacitated by a terminal illness as it is against the constitution of the applicant.

“Sometime in February 2019, the first respondent fell ill and was diagnosed of a terminal illness and is currently undergoing treatment. He is now unable to perform his normal duties as the bishop and has been making fatal decisions which are affecting the church negatively. On 10 August 2019, the first respondent called a meeting with the board of ministers together with their vice bishops and pastors, where he made a pronouncement, that his son, the second respondent is now holding the office of a vice bishop.

“Further, section 8 of the applicant’s constitution clearly states that no member is to seek treatment from hospitals except for burns and broken parts of the body of the body and if one goes to hospitals for treatment, he or she should be allowed to finish treatment  then after that comes to church to confess and the church leaders will lay hands on the person for forgiveness and he is then after the rededication to God, accepted back into the church.

“First respondent has neither confessed nor was he accepted back into the church as per the provisions of the constitution. It is surprising that the bishop who is well versed with the provisions of the constitution of the church and the beliefs that forms the basis of the religion of the Mugodhi Apostolic Mission will not act exemplary.

“The applicant therefore seeks that the first respondent be interdicted from performing any duties in his capacity as applicant’s bishop or interfering in the affairs of applicant and that the vice bishop being Tonny Sigauke be confirmed as the acting bishop of the applicant.

“Further, applicants also prays that all decisions made by the bishop be regarded as nullity thus the nomination and appointment of the second respondent (Washington Mugodhi)as the vice bishop be set aside and the third (Innocent Mugodhi) and fourth (Enock Mugodhi) respondents be interdicted from interfering in the affairs of the applicants.”

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