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The President of the current strongest political opposition party to the ruling ZANU PF, Dr. Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru earlier today delivered a State Of The Nation Address acknowledging people are now fed up with the state of the economy and non existent opportunities to earn a decent living.

Addressing the nation on the economy and police brutality against protesters which has earned the country a place on the notorious human rights abuse index globally. Dr Mujuru emphasized the responsibility of the police in their constitutional mandate to protect the demonstrators ensuring peace while safeguarding their fundamental constitutional rights. She condemned the brutal putting down of the demonstrations and serious violation of their constitutional duty and protection of the country’s fundamental human rights as enshrined in our supreme law, the constitution. This brutality on demonstrators expressing their unsolved concerns will not make them go away, she said. Acknowledging that the government is not listening to the people, she emotionally queried where else the public can protest when “all doors are shut”.

With protests that have taken the nation like a wildfire, she appealed on protesters to desist from violence and criminal activities but remain prudent to expressing their democratic right to demonstrate. Touching on the protests issue, Mujuru fingered out the abuse of police powers on unpopular endless roadblocks as worsening the already difficult lives of citizens. On issuing of import licences for banned or restricted goods she queried who will get them and said there is a high probability they will be issued to Zanu PF cronies who will end up trading them on the black market causing inflationary effects to the import resulting in the poor citizens having to bear the cost of all the corruption that will surely arise as a result.

Mujuru took her gloves off as she gave Mugabe a stark and bold challenge; “Changosara chete ndechekuti vachibvuma kuti aiwa, tazvikonewa, vanhu vosarudza mutungamiriri wavanoda, bato idzva rinomiririra zvido zvavo” (all that is left is that Mugabe acknowledge he has failed, dissolve parliament and call for immediate elections per constitution, so the people can choose a preferred new leader and new political party to rescue the country from the current hardships) to which she declared the Zimbabwe People First is ready to step in, People First is currently meeting the people nationwide informing them of their robust alternative policies and approach that will rid the country of Zanu PF toxic politics of violence, corruption and incompetence including influence peddling and rampant nepotism. Dr Mujuru touched on many aspects of the national crisis and closed her presentation by thanking Zimbabweans for coming out to support Zimbabwe People First in their numbers. She then fielded questions from journalists present.



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