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Mutambara recommends Zimbabwe to remove self-imposed sanctions

Former Zimbabwean Deputy Prime Minister and Robotics Professor Arthur G.O. Mutambara yesterday said Zimbabwe has no moral authority to talk about foreign imposed sanctions up until it removes the sanctions it has imposed on itself.

In an interview with CNBC Africa, Mutambara said he is not interested on sanctions that America is imposing on us, but the self-imposed sanctions like miss-governance, corruption, rigging elections, poor country governance and murdering our own people.

“There are two types of sanctions, the sanctions you impose upon yourself and the sanctions that other countries are imposed on us .My interest is that  as Zimbabweans we must address those sanctions we are imposing upon ourselves  misgovernance,corruption,riging elections, poor country governance, murdering our own people,” Mutambara said.

“So lm not even interested in discussing the number two type of sanction because we as Zimbabweans we are not the sanctions we are imposing upon ourselves. Shame on us! Why would you want others to remove sanctions on you when you are busy imposing sanctions on yourself?”

Mutambara also said he had never defended the imposition of sanctions when he was a political leader.

The United States President Donald Trump has extended America’s sanctions against Zimbabwe by another year.

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