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Mutasa Offside On Wanting To Meet Mugabe


It was with profound shock to read the headlines of Mutasa enthusiastically talking about meeting Mugabe on national issues. More sad for most builders was the affection he exhibited despite being dragged in the mud as he got expelled from Zanu PF to a point of calling him his “Father”, please note Mutasa is in his eighties and like Mugabe should not be in any front line politics at all. That he is old and may even be having mild cerebral challenges goes without saying, but to drag the new popular party into the cesspit of toxic politics is unforgivable, it is the last thing members of ZimPF want to hear. Many times the party leaders from the ZanuPF side are continuously asked if they do not desire to go back to Zanu PF and our party leader has been categoric on this, that never ever. Her recent charged addresses have underpinned that position culminating in inviting other opposition groups to the high table of her rallies, even joining Tsvangirai hand in hand recently. The way elder Mutasa if correctly quoted in NewZimbabwe expressed himself wittingly or unwittingly leaves a lot to be desired, plays into the hands of accusations of zanupf links within ZimPF a label we are desperate to cleanse as Reform Agenda Champions. It is right and proper that ZimPF be not and be seen not to be part of such meaningless pursuits, we have a party to build leading to 2018 national elections and that is what we must focus on than trying to link to a toxic past, we are reformists and have no business talking to the same person we and the entire opposition movement want to reform through the various institutions of governance he abuses. Elder Mutasa without mincing any words at all, your enthusiasm as expressed is disappointing!, why not retire like Cephas Msipa and loose cannon without dragging our party down?, that you are a founder does not give you any such right as to blatantly lack circumspection in your utterances and admiration of Mugabe whose era is ending and should have rightly ended with yours had you not been expelled.

You could not lead in opposition and abdicated to younger Mujuru to lead, now she has done a very good job of it,  please do not undermine her, we are fully behind her and the country loves her humble style, I think elder Mutasa you are obliged to explain yourself or simply pursue your Zanupf appeal, appeals are now the order of the day as opposed to expulsions as Zanu pf tries to salvage what is left of the corrupt rag tag, you are welcome to openly go cde Didymus Noel Edwin Mutasa. No hard feelings at all, makura so fraternising with your age range perhaps is what you desire and miss, just kindly do not drag us down that route, you have an opportunity to leave a legacy better than Mugabe as a founding member of ZimPF why spoil that? Please elder, we implore you to be circumspect in the future after fully explaining yourself. You are going against the grain and missing the national mood by a mile, for what? It is fair to suspect like the Goches, Shamus etc. perhaps you have been approached?

Dr Mujuru is our transition and she must not be undermined wittingly or unwittingly, misogyny can be rightly suspected so please make clear what you think such a meeting can yield, what is your expected outcomes?, as from where I am sitting, it seems completely meaningless and sabotaging of ZimPF  in the eyes of the masses, so please explain yourself with all due respect!! We wait impatiently and anxiously for you to answer, personally I would urge you strongly to leave front line politics, your toxicity in this form can ruin our party, stay out of sight in the back ground people will respect you and the positive role you played in founding our party, anything else will bring scorn, ridicule and resentment at your ripe old age, please elder kindly sit down!

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