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Mutodi attracts criticism for calling Ndebele people foreigners

 Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Dr Energy Mutodi is being criticised after he said Ndebele people have South African origins.

Mutodi remarks came following xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Minister said Ndebele people were accommodated in the Western part of Zimbabwe because they were running away from Tshaka.

“For South Africa, we find that in Zimbabwe here, if you didn’t know, it’s just about 1836 we accommodated thousands of South Africans who came into Zimbabwe fleeing from Tshaka and they were being led by Mzilikazi. They settled on the Western part of the country in Matabeleland .As Im speaking right now at least 3 million Zimbabweans have South African origins,” Mutodi said.

A significant number of people on social media reacted to minister’s comments.

“This is a remarkable statement which ZANU-PF needs to clarify. What does @nickmagwana have to say about this .Does ZANU-PF accept a constitutional bright or not,” David Coltart

“He represents his master, the man behind him in that portrait.If he didn’t have his blessings he would no longer be in his role as Minister .He never had a moral compass and he has shown it time and again. No reprimand. Ultimately,his appointing authority is responsible for his man,” Alex Magaisa.

“Your history I distorted Mutodi ,leave history to us who did history, those Ndebeles are Zimbabweans….Purely and not South African.People migrated, your great grandfather might be from Congo wena…..So are u Congolese?” Mutasa

“If the one who appointed him does not kick him out for this, then he is complicit, especially with the gukurahundi ideology,” The Thinker

“Are you a historian Mutodi which books did you read from would you please just recommend1. is Gukurahundi a 5 star hotel kind of accommodation? when was the welcome ceremony held I missed that one too?” Gift Mugiyo.

Mutodi then urged South Africans to stop xenophobic attacks because   about 3 million people in Zimbabwe are South Africans.



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