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Mutodi claims Dr Magombeyi’s abduction a hoax

Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Hon Mutodi said the abduction of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) Dr Peter Magombeyi was a self staged abduction meant to tarnish the ruling government. Mutodi urged doctors to distance themselves from politics and suggested they concentrate on saving lives.

In a tweet Mutodi said the opposition was staging abductions so as to defame the ruling regime and tarnish its image to the international community.

“Doctors are meant to save lives and never to be active politicians. Participating in stage –managed abductions meant to tarnish the government image is a serious abomination by our doctors. We hope Dr Peter Magombeyi will sober up and find his way home,”

“Dr Peter Magombeyi’s disappearance is a desperate attempt by opposition to tarnish the government ahead of the UN General Assembly like I have said before, I still maintain only fools can be fooled by these fake abductions,”

The ZHDA leader was abducted by three unknown men after he was shunned from mobilizing doctors from challenging the government.

Health workers took the streets and demonstrated against the government and demanded the immediate release of their colleague Dr Magombeyi. Dr Magombeyi was found in Nyabira without any physical injuries.



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