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Mutodi issues an apology over ethnicity video

Deputy Minister of Information,Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has apologised after posting a ethnicity video were he said most Ndebele’s came from South Africa.

In a video Mutodi regretfully apologized about the video and those who were affected by it.

“My tweet saying about 3 million Zimbabweans were of South African descent has riled Zimbabweans. The tweet has been misunderstood, giving political capital to the opposition. I wish to withdraw the tweet and I unreservedly issue my apologies to whoever was affected,”

Hon Mutodi said he was misunderstood in his tweet. Mutodi said he was calling upon for unity within African countries.

“It was a deliberate misread and misinterpretation of my remarks. Obviously there are people with a sinister agenda to fabricate and misrepresent facts for political gain. There is the clarification of what I said,”

In the video Hon. Mutodi urged South Africans to distance themselves from attacking fellow brothers because Zimbabwe is accommodating about 3 million Ndebele’s who ran away from Tshaka the Zulu King in South Africa.

Of late South Africa was hit by Afro phobia were the Zulu are brutally attacking fellow Africans calling them Makwerekwere (foreigners)telling them to get out of their country.



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