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Mwazha (AAC) prophet caged for rape

A SENIOR prophet at African Apostolic Church (Mwazha) has been jailed 11 years after he was convicted of raping a nine-year-old congregant in 2012.

Cain Kandororo (52) initially pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Harare magistrate Temba Kuwanda charged with rape.

He was convicted after a full trial and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment before five were suspended on condition of good behavior effectively serving the remaining 11 years.

The matter went unreported for four years and came to light after the minor (now 13-years-old) was told by a pastor during a church service that she had been raped.

At first, she denied it before admitting to her mother that indeed she had been raped in 2012.

The State proved that sometime in 2012 around 4pm, Kandororo lured the girl (name withheld) to his home before, locking the door and forcing himself onto her.

The minor had obliged to go to Kandororo’s home on the trust that he was a pastor at their church (Mwazha).

It was proven that Kandororo pulled the minor’s hand towards the bed, lifted her and laid her on the bed facing upwards.

He further removed the minor’s skirt and undergarments and went on to remove his trousers, short and pants.

Kandororo then raped the minor.

Recently another prophet was jailed 50 years after being found guilty of raping a congregant on four occasions threatening that if she did not comply she would succumb to “spiritual attacks.”

Admire Maurukira (29) of Five Fold Ministries was found guilty of four counts of rape in a case that went unreported for nearly a year after persistent threats from the assailant.

The matter came to light after the victim fell pregnant with the pastor encouraging her to abort fearing that any revelation would destroy his fledgling church, but she refused.



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