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Natalie Mhandu attempt to drag Munyezas “backfire”

Jah Prazyzah video girl Natalie Melody Mhandu’s attempt to arm-twist the Munyeza family into liability of her name dragged into the Dr Shingi Munyeza escapade mess backfired badly as a composed family member clearly read riot act to her.

Natalie unsolicitedly called on Nomsa (Dr Shingi Munyeza’s daughter) cellphone demanding that the family or at the very least Dr Munyeza himself issue a statement that she is not the girl in question.

Earlier in the day, she had issued a public statement in which she had addressed and dismissed the matter. However as trends continue to grow on social media, she did what anyone would predict she would for added publicity stunts to garner likes and followings.

She made a well choreographed phonecall, on loudspeaker and recorded in an attempt to get them take responsibility to the developing avalanche of her name. She went on to to claim among many that she has orphans to look after, lost a parent, lost business, lost brand representations and the Munyeza family must stand accountable.

The unnamed Munyeza categorically advised her it was neither the family’s input, responsibility nor place to address as this was all a ploy by outsider social media users they have no hold over. He went on suggest she prefers litigation against the originators of the posts whose accounts are real and active.

The irate Natalie wouldnt have none of it and lamented lost earnings in cancelled Brand Ambassadorship and business owing to the scandal involvement. Alas the verifiable paid link available is the Jah Prayzah “Mukuwasha” video in which she played the secondary key role and a Fashion shop in Groombridge, Style Philosophy where she is addressed as “Bosslady”.

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