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National Arts Council of Zimbabwe appointments a new Marketing and Resource Mobilisation Consultant

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe has appointed a Marketing and Resource Mobilisation Consultant. This came to the media attention by a press statement released by the NACZ today.

                   PRESS RELEASE



The Chairman of the Board, Professor Herbert Chimhundu, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Farai Magombedze, as an independent Marketing and Resource Mobilisation Consultant (MRM Consultant) for the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) with effect from the 1st of October 2018. This appointment is being made after completion of a highly competitive selection process.


The NACZ Board and Management congratulate Mr. Magombedze on his appointment and take this opportunity to introduce him to all stakeholders, players in the arts business, investors, practitioners and friends of the arts. We urge all concerned to support him in this new position, which has been created by the Board to boost the efforts of Management to transform the Arts Council into a viable organisation that will play a catalytic role in the development of vibrant, professional and sustainable creative arts and cultural industries in Zimbabwe.


Reporting to the Director, the MRM Consultant has been tasked with identifying investors, agencies and partners that can work with the NACZ to mobilise material and financial resources that will enable the Council to promote and support the growth of the arts and culture sector in Zimbabwe.


Among other things, this will entail helping to transform the NACZ itself into a visible, vibrant and well-resourced organisation; building a strong financial base to facilitate the effective coordination and support of the development of arts and cultural programmes; and assisting Management to revive the Arts Development Fund as the vehicle through which Council can assist artists and support arts promotion and development in Zimbabwe.


Mr Magombedze is a Development Consultant with 15 years of experience in organizational development advisory work, fundraising for profit and non-profit entities, as well as research, monitoring and evaluation for development and humanitarian response programmes. He brings a wealth of development consultancy experience in the Southern Africa, North Africa and Middle East regions. He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management degree, a Certificate in Public Policy, Governance and Leadership, among several other qualifications.


Signed:                        Date: 21.09.2018


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