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President Joice Mujuru signs to adopt NPP constitution

National People’s Party (NPP) National Inauguration Convention


National People’s Party held their awaited National Inaugural Convention yesterday where hundreds of NPP partisans gathered to petition Dr Joice Mujuru declaring that she is standing in the race for President in the upcoming 2018 elections  and officially launching the party constitution into full effect.

Youth Chairperson Lyod Masiya said,”the presence of all the ten provinces  give credence to our  promise as NPP  to adhere to international democratic values and indeed NPP  ibato revanhu. The constitution has been carefully laid on the foundation of a bold and spirited initiative that is to change the face of Zimbabwean government and serve the people.”

President Joice Mujuru in her speech said, “NPP’s founding membership is of diverse composition. The party has strong roots in the war of liberation and hence the party’s aims, objectives and principles are anchored on the ideological foundation of being National Democrats.”

“Our mission being to promote, coordinate and mobilise people so that National People’s Party becomes the party of choice that promotes accountability, transparency and tolerance through its participation in all aspects and levels of the political framework of Zimbabwe. Our Party ideology is anchored on the core values of; Inclusivity, Devolution of Power, Accountability, Equity, Constitutionalism, Transparency and Loyalty,” President Mujuru said.

She called for NPP delegates to change their selfish attitude and corrupt ways  so that they preserve Zimbabwe’s ideals  which are  life, liberty, and prosperity. President Mujuru gave a vivid image of a brand new future for Zimbabweans where all citizens including  (women, youths and freedom fighters) are to participate and share opinion in Zim- politics.

In attendance were MDC-T President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, Dhumiso Dabengwa, representative from PDP party among others. MDC-T leader praised the NPP initiative saying “we are not enemies with NPP,  ZANU-Pf is our enemy.” Dabengwa advocated for  a coalition and saw it as the only way to remove ZANU-PF from power.

With the current situation in Zimbabwe   it was a  ceremonial event  showing effective communication between the  NPP President and the people.



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