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NBSZ appeals for blood donations

The National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) said their blood stocks are critically low due to reduced number of donations coming in. Henceforth, they are appealing to blood donors of all blood groups to make that lifesaving donations.

Press statement from NBSZ

In a press statement, NBSZ’s Communication Officer Ephraim Mubayi stated that the blood is urgently needed inorder to add in blood stock which is becoming very low due too lockdown measures which has reduced the number of donations coming in.

“Its hard to underscore how damaging the one-two punch of Covid-19 and the lockdown measures have been on the blood bank. Its not due to more patients needing blood products but rather, its reduced numbers of blood donations coming in.” said Mubayi

“A little of your time will ensure that patients undergoing surgery and receiving treatment for cancer and blood diseases such as leukamia, continue to receive life-giving transfusion they need.” he added

Mubayi said the NBSZ daily stock requirements nationally is at 315 units of blood.

He also said for one to be eligible to donate blood, he or she must be 16 years or older, weighing atleast 50kgs or more and be in generel good health.

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