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NetOne reaches out to Cholera affected places

NetOne has reached out to cholera affected places like Budiriro, Glenview and Mbare. NetOne organized a cleanup campaign that was held in Budiriro 5.  

The Chief Commercial Officer Brian Mutandiro said that NetOne is reaching out to these communities in order to help out so that the issue of cholera can be solved.

“We are demonstrating our oneness with the community. We have responded to the crisis of cholera that has affected families and is a national problem.”

“We have donated water tanks with one million litters that will help the community in eradicating the problem and we are going to start a text campaign that per every text will donate a cent towards the fight against cholera.”

“We would to encourage those who have not made an effort to join us so that we can quickly subdue this challenge.”

As a co-operate responsibility NetOne donated water tanks so that people may have access to clean water and they also donated 500 books to Budiriro primary 1.



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