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Nox drops “bare in all” in new video

The Godfather of Urban Grooves, Enock Guni is today the 28th May 2019 at 10:00Hrs Zimbabwean time dropping what he described as his most emotional, honest to the feeling and personal sentenced music video of his song, I AM IN LOVE.

I’m In Love – Making of The Video

Guni, who recently found love and engaged his sweetheart, socialite Tadzo penned in his song how the past must not stereotype nor judge one to their present especially on the matter of love and relationship.

“I reflect on life, I have had highs so equally have I had lows. I am not a perfect person and many a time I have been judged by the wrongs of my past and imperfections but this time I have found real love. I decided to say it in a song that when you find love, your past is easier overcome and you become a far better and happier person”, he said.

The video will be launched live on Nox’s official Facebook page and will then be on his official NoxVevo youtube channel.



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