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Obadiah Moyo speaks on men’s health

Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo has called upon men to go for HIV and AIDS test in order to improve their well being addressing the audience at a men’s conference hosted by National AIDS Council (NAC) today.

The men’s conference was aimed at providing a platform for men to open up on HIV AIDS issues affecting them.

Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo said “I am very pleased about this initiative which underlines the importance of raising awareness about man’s health challenges and promoting their well being.”

We have committed ourselves in ensuring that 90% of all people living with HIV and AIDS should be aware of their status by 2020, 90% of people on living with HIV should be on treatment by 2020 and 90% of people on treatment should have their viral load suppressed by 2020.”

Obadiah encouraged men to go for an HIV test because they are mostly bread winners and if a family loses a mother and a father, it results in more problems whereby children become street kids.



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