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OK Zimbabwe Ltd in stale sausage lawsuit

A Harare man has approached the High Court claiming more than US$ 300 000 from OK Zimbabwe Ltd for purchasing and consuming a stale sausage at one of its food outlets.

According to summons filed at the High Court on June 26 2018, Bombo Darnley Lovemore Mushaka said on 2 May 2018 he suffered severe food poisoning after purchasing and consuming a stale sausage at OK First Street food outlet.

“Immediately plaintiff (Mushaka) suffered severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting bouts. He (Mushaka) is still experiencing discomfort in his stomach.”

He also said that medical evidence concluded that the food poisoning emanating from the stale sausage was serious and his health has been adversely affected by the incident and would likely be so for years to come.

Mushaka is claiming more than US$300 000 from OK Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd.

“The plaintiff claims for a sum of US$250 000 arising from and being general damages from pain and suffering shock and trauma occasioned by consuming a stale sausage served negligently by the defendant’s (OK Zimbabwe Ltd) employees which subjected plaintiff to serious stomach discomfort and suffering, which amount despite demand defendant has refused and neglected to pay.

Payment of the sum of US$50 000 being special damages and arising from medical expenses already incurred and to be incurred in the future due to the food poisoning from a stale sausage negligently served by OK Zimbabwe’s employees and consumed by plaintiff resulting in severe stomach distress, shock and trauma.

US$30 000 which is 10percent collection commission from the amount claimed in terms of the law society by laws.”

Ok Zimbabwe Ltd has not yet responded to the litigation.

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