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Oscar Pambuka blasts Zim media

Former Journalist and a church founder Oscar Pambuka claimed that both print and electronic media in Zimbabwe is highly biased.

Posting on his Facebook account Pambuka said the state media has capacity to judge and sentence a person to prison without getting a fair trial.

“This is what l has learnt under the sun with regards to Zimbabwe media both electronic and print. This media landscape is highly biased and adulterated to the extent that you can question the integrity of the profession. Zimbabwe media can judge and sentence an individual to life imprison without an individual getting a fair trial in the country’s legal system,” said Pambuka.

“Journalism ethics continue to dwindle as cartels take over the watchdog role of the media, punitively damaging and destroying characters motivated by cheque book journalism and party politics instead of the truth,” he said

Pambuka said what saddened him is that, a number of journalists in Zimbabwe are driven by political parties, religious organisations and other companies. He also said during his time in journalism he was never moved by the Media Award Ceremonies because most of them were not fair.

“That’s why I am never moved or bothered by media award ceremonies which just copy and paste parrots instead of honouring dedicated and ethically motivated beings,” Pambuka said

“I call upon all journalists to be on the lookout for these cartels which in the print media for example determine who the editor of the paper is, who the journalist is, the photographer etc,” he added.

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