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Our President: For a 91yr old, he is fit

Press and Social Media have in the past hours trended heavily on the careful walk of H.E. President Robert Mugabe as he made way to meet host Turkey President at the welcome ceremony for the G-20 summit earlier in the week captured by the New China TV posted on youtube.

While many critics find it worth an incident to jibe the President’s advanced age slowing down, surely at 91years, Mugabe shows unmatched tenacity, strength and agility for his age. Many of his age would need a lot of aid to accomplish tasks he continues to mete independently on routine basis.

“President Mugabe is ninety one, it will be unnatural to expect him to act at same speed as a 45year old, his age and term of office is not determined by the scope of internet hype but the Zimbabwean electorate system and constitution. He executes his duties exceptionally and there has not been any concern over his health and being”, a senior government official who we can not name stated.

Its one thing to question his length in office, and another to jeer him as disabled. Indeed he has set his legacy and perhaps is outshining the same.



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