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ADP leader flanked party Secretary General Joelson Mugari

Our Response to Xenophobia-Sort out Zimbabwe

The Xenophobic attacks in neighbouring South Africa have reinforced a message that we can no longer afford to ignore. We have to sort Zimbabwe out. We cannot continue to ignore the fact that we are at the mercy of an uncaring government. Whilst we condemn the xenophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms we want to ask the Zanu PF led government how many Zimbabweans were killed in the Xenophobic attacks and how many are dying daily at Harare Hospital? How many are dying in road traffic accidents due to poor roads and lack of lighting? Who has presided over the death of more Zimbabweans King Zwelithini or our own Minister of Health? We further ask who wants to stay in such a dilapidated and non-working country where a few elite are benefiting from resources that belong to all of us? Fellow Zimbabweans whilst we can petition and organise little marches in South Africa, the problem certainly falls squarely at the feet of Zanu-PF.
Zanu-PF has virtually criminalised existence. Being born Zimbabwean is now a punishment that comes with toil, hardship and an uncertain future. This cannot carry on. Whilst the MDC-T is pre-occupied with its own internal struggles the country is in free fall. What we need right now is LEADERSHIP. Firm and decisive leadership. We don’t need cry-babies and sulkers, who forever complain but never improve people’s lives, whose own personal agendas have become bigger than the national agenda; more important than the lives of our people. We don’t need corrupt and cruel leaders driving around in big cars and building mansions whilst the majority of people are living on less than $1 a day. What we need is a fresh start, a new vision for Zimbabwe that will usher us into an era of prosperity.
We cannot entirely excuse the South African Leadership. King Zwelithini, Edward Zuma and Jacob Zuma must take responsibility for what is happening. The world must strongly condemn leaders who inflame citizens to hate and murder fellow Africans. South African leaders need to show decisive leadership. I believe a critical issue that needs to be looked at is their societal values. What happened to the principles of Ubuntu which we should all live by as Africans? What happened to the value and respect for human life? For any society to function, it must be founded on the Godly principle of love for one another. South Africa has failed to show love for its neighbours. They have failed to make bold statements for what is right. President Zuma is acting fearful, not quite saying what he should be saying. Even the outspoken and often radical Julius Malema has a far more sensible approach to the xenophobic attacks, outright condemnation. Zimbabweans are gentle in nature and peace-loving. We do not deserve such brutish treatment and if there truly is a problem of foreigners putting a strain on social services, it can be dealt with at policy level. Are Zimbabweans the ones that asked South Africa to scrap visa requirements resulting in mass migration? No. South Africa wanted cheap and skilled labour to support its growing economy. So why allow our citizens to be killed now that they are failing to control the numbers? South Africa must review its policies and not put the blame on innocent foreign nationals.
To President Robert Mugabe, it is not too late for you to make bold decisions in favour of the country and not just your party. Some hold you in high esteem in Africa for fighting for the black Africans rights. What good is land reform when people are hungry? What good is indigenisation when masses are unemployed? What good is Independence when young people like Itai Dzamara lost their freedom? What good is a high literacy rate when our educational institutions are in an appalling underfunded state? My message to you today Mr. President is that it is not too late. You can still pave way for younger leaders with a right heart and mind-set to be involved in politics. Level the playing field and let the young with their newly formed parties, freely participate. You will have made a decision for the benefit of Zimbabwe. We have ideas that can take this country forward.
Finally I would like to mention the Dzamara family. We are standing with you, we condemn Itai’s abduction in the strongest terms possible and we believe the culprits should be found and brought to book. Let’s create a better country Zimbabweans. Let us move from apathy to being active participators. Let us shake off fear and get our country back. It is not too late to make it work.

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