Our Unity is Our Victory

As Zimbabweans we are at a critical point in our journey to development. We are the most divided we have ever been, along racial, tribal, class and partisan lines. As we stand divided we forget that we are vulnerable to multiple threats to our existence, food insecurity, inadequate water and energy and a health system that cannot meet even our most basic needs. We are not even prepared for any kind of natural disaster and the number of poor in our society is increasing at an alarming rate. We must wake up to the fact that we are lagging behind developmentally and economically. It is no longer a situation to be resolved by politicians but a challenge which we must all take up. Our self actualisation as Zimbabweans will not be birthed by a “Unity Accord”. Superficial actions taken for political expediency will not bring healing to our nation. The healing is in our hearts, it is in how we treat each other. Healing is embodied in mutual respect, in honour and in UBUNTU, being our brother’s keepers. Brothers do not loot from each other, brothers do not kill each other, and brothers do not preside over the suffering of one another. Where did we lose it? How did we allow politics to strip us of our humanity?

We can no longer blame politicians. We can longer remove ourselves from the problem. How many non-politicians have brought disunity and separation in this nation? When our children become so ruthless that they strip a sister in public can we say it’s solely a political issue? When all levels of citizens are engaged in looting, bribery and corruption, is it still something for politicians to solve? When we mock each other, destroy each other is that politics? We have lost our identity as a people; we have forgotten that the ties that bind us go beyond any political party. Why wait to be united by Zanu PF when every day we have the chance to demonstrate that unity to each other through small acts of kindness, transparency, integrity and kindness. It is as simple as showing love to each other as Zimbabweans.

Our aim as Zimbabweans now should be to lift each other up, to respect our fellow citizen. For Shona’s and Ndebele’s to hold hands and come together to work for Zimbabwe. For black and white to support each other in business and share ideas. It is time that leaders start speaking the language of love. Uniting in spirit and in truth. We can never deplete the resources in Zimbabwe. There is enough for everyone to share. So why should we not use theses to benefit everyone and not a select few? It is because of selfishness, greed and hardheartedness. This is the war that we must fight. Indeed the war we must win. We must move forward as one. Let’s truly unite and build a great nation. One national vision by one people. Our Unity is Our Victory. Pamwechete tinokunda. Sibambane siyanqoba.

God Bless You

Marcellina Chikasha

President- African Democratic Party

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