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Overzealous ZRP teargas ZimDancehall event

Loyal ZimDancehall fans who had congregated a packed City Sports Centre in Harare for a Clash between Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz received a wash far more than a good lyric ride or a can throw treat. In what no one could even imagine happening at such an event, ZRP police crew with probably next to none training or ability to handle such events opened teargas in the contained environment causing a stampede resulting in an unconfirmed fatality toll.



“Surely the job of the police is to make patrons safe and secure. I would be of the impression their natural obligation would be to calculate the enviroment they are policing in the interest of people’s safety which was not it in this case, its really tragic”, a loyal ZimDancehall fan who travelled from South Africa lamented

Screenshot_2014-11-09-13-19-20An eye witness (name supplied) that sent us the video via our whatsapp portal has claimed all hell broke loose when the two Mbare-bulls locked horns so intense the hype was thought to getting physical and few cans found their way into the air.

“We have always known the two will put a great chemistry in the show, after-all that’s what built the hype. Why the police decided to add the crying gas in the mix, I have no clue……”, stated the witness

Another ZimDancehall boss, Hillary Mutake who was not spared the gas wash has unequivocally expressed his disgust at the police’s unjustified action particularly in such a contained stadium with few exits.

The million dollar question now remains as to what the future holds for the ZimDancehall music genre.


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