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Parirenyatwa :Poor health delivery post excellence awards.

Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals last Friday hosted their Customer Care Championship Awards program and a total number of 113 members of staff ,among them clinical and non clinical staff at the hospital were honoured. Barely 48 hours after the awards on Sunday a report was made of a pregnant woman who died while giving birth at the hospital ,Mbuya Maternity ward after nurses allegedly ignored her cries for help.

The incident is said to have happened between 3am and 5 am . The nurses found her dead with baby between her legs.

A woman who was in the same ward spoke to NewZimbabwe.com and confirmed that the nurses kept saying that the now deceased was faking pain .She said,

“It is like she was calling out for help throughout the night but nurses kept on saying that she was becoming a problem by faking the pain and using it to seek attention.

She eventually died in one of the rooms with her baby, with no one to help her yet they were there, a few metres from where she was.The sight was sad ; her mother came in accompined by her sister who was saying she had texted how nurses were ignoring her.”

Tee Steel also wrote on her facebook page confirming the now deceased ordeal ,

“Its true was at Parirenyatwa private ward and could hear this woman shout out ,ko nhai Mwari zvaita seiko ,mbuya nhai mwana abuda .I even joked about the deceased cries in the morning not knowing akazoshaya.Its really sad.”

As if he knew that hell was coming forth ,Minister of Health and Child Care ,Dr Obadiah Moyo who was the guest of honour at the Customer Care Awards ceremony urged doctors and nurses to treat patients as if they are doing so for their loved ones.

Hon Moyo hailed Parirenyatwa Group Of Hospitals for practicing humanity as health care givers on the ceremony as the hospital had displayed. He went on to encourage other health institutions to emulate from Parirenyatwa hospital.

Ironically the awards presentations displayed the otherwise part of health practitioners.

Dr Nkosi who was also part of the ceremonious event explained how they came up with the award winnings.

She said,” the training was designed to make sure that every employee here (Parirenyatwa) had customer service training to understand what customer service entails.”

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